The Perfect Occasionwear Outfit

Advice on Choosing the Perfect Outfit:

At Justina’s we offer a wide selection of occasion wear and wedding outfits. Our friendly staff have some great advice on what to consider when choosing the perfect outfit. Please read on to explore 6 tips you must not miss…

  • Personal choice

It is important that you choose the outfit that suits you. Being comfortable and looking elegant in a style that is of your preference is key. Please do not feel like you must match the Bride or Bridesmaids, as it is likely you will only be in a couple of pictures with them. We advise that you go with your personal choice and choose a colour to suit your skin tones.

  • Be open-minded

You may have a dress in mind that you are looking for, however it is important to be open-minded. Trying new shapes, styles, and colours that you would not usually try may surprise you and turn out to be the perfect outfit. Our advice is to try, try, try.

  • Alterations

Coming into Justina’s for your occasion wear is the best option. It is far easier when you can try on the outfits, look in the mirror and come to a decision. Something you see online may not be of your preference but on, it could be the perfect dress. Conversely, you may find a dress online that looks lovely, but it may be too long in person. It is important to understand that many dresses and outfits will need altering as every body type is completely different. Fortunately, we have an alteration lady who is on hand to make adjustments so your outfit is perfectly tailored to fit if need be.

  • Photographs are not a true representation

Once you have your final outfit in mind, with the help of our staff, it could be a good idea to bring in a friend or relative to give their second opinion. Seeing the dress in person means you get the whole picture; photos do not always do the dress justice, and more often than not, the lighting does not reflect the true colour it is. If your gut instinct is telling you “thats the one” then it can be good to go for it and surprise your loved ones with your choice. If not then  try to let them see the outfit on you in the shop where possible so they get a true representation of how you look.

  • Appointments

If you have a busy schedule or live further away, you are welcome to book an appointment with us. However, please note that this is not a necessity. Walk-ins are welcomed.

  • Accessories

It is advised that you bring any accessories with you that you would like to match to see the whole outfit come together. If you have no accessories, we suggest you try on our heels and hatinators to give you a good idea of the whole look.

Hopefully, this has answered some questions and helped save some time for you. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly team on: 01789 841562

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